Sending Mail to Faculty & Staff

The USPS delivers Emory University and Emory Healthcare faculty and staff mail to the Emory mail processing center several times each day.  Each piece of mail is immediately sorted; the date and time indicating the time that Mail Services processed the piece of mail is sprayed on the envelope.  Faculty and staff mail is delivered in the two daily mail runs to each of the 465 mailstops.  No email notification is sent to faculty and staff when the mail is received or when the mail is placed in the department bin.

To send mail to Emory University and Emory Healthcare faculty and staff, please follow the appropriate format described below, including the employee's mailstop code.

Accurate mail stop codes are essential to delivering faculty & staff mail in a timely manner.  Mail stop codes are created by Emory University Human Resources when faculty and staff first begin their work at Emory and are accurate at that time.

As faculty & staff change their roles or work environments (e.g., change divisions, move offices), it is the responsibility of the employee's Human Resources Representative to update the employee's mail stop code.

Mailstop codes for Emory faculty & staff can be found in the individual directory listings of the Emory Online Directory.

Emory faculty & staff with incorrect mailstop codes must contact their Human Resources Representative to get them updated.  A list of Human Resources Representatives by area is listed here.

Failure to follow the proper mail addressing procedures as described below may result in service delays or failures.

Emory Faculty & Staff Address Instructions