DUC Mail Center Folders (Student Mail Boxes) for Emory College Students

All enrolled Emory College students and staff residents in Emory University housing are eligible for a campus mail folder.  Students currently studying abroad in an approved program who resided in housing for the previous term are also eligible.

Mail folders are automatically assigned to eligible incoming students by Mail Services in collaboration with Housing.  Mid-year transfers in/out are handled as exceptions.

When USPS First Class Mail is received (e.g., a letter from home, birthday card) arrives at Emory for a student it is sorted and placed in the student's mail folder.  An email notifying students that they have mail is sent.  Students then visit the mail counter and an attendant will hand them their mail.  Please note that no email is sent when the student receives advertising or junk mail.

Those ineligible for mail folders may, when availability permits, rent a mail folder for $10 per month.  Rental fees may be paid by cash, check or credit and debit card.  To rent a mail folder please contact Mail Services by phone at 404-727-6172 or by email at eumail@emory.edu.

If a student or mail folder renter leaves Emory/Oxford or becomes ineligible for a mail box for any reason, e.g., graduation, disqualification, resignation, the mail folder assignment will be terminated at the end of the month in which he or she left Emory.  Rentals will not be prorated.